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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vicodin Epiphany

being constantly entertaining isn't good for you.
sometimes you gotta be boring.
because if the time comes, when you aren't entertaining, and no one wants to be your friend,

then you will be friendless.
and still boring.

the end.


knock knock,,
who's there?
dwayne who?
dwayne the tub i'm dwoning.

knock knock
who's there?
cadalliac who?
cadalliac mean if you pull its tail.


see that? i had to make this blog somewhat entertaining. because if not, no one will like me.
hahahah; no false. everyone loves me.

i need to not blog when im half asleep, and half drugged, and watching scary movies.


oh, i thought i was taking valium. so i sang all the songs slim shady sings about valium.
then i come to find out i'm on vicodin. not as fun as being able to rap about valium. so i wrote a little ditty.

you thought you were on valium?
well PSYCH
you're on VIC-odin.


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