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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With a little help from my friends

Lately, I've been thinking alot about the friends I have in my life. They deserve much more than two or three sentences. Heck, I'd write them all a book if I weren't so gosh darn lazy.
Alas, this is all I can provide. I love you all.

Oh...this is Mean Emily coming in.
If you're not on here, it's because I forgot or I don't ever see you. Don't take it too personally.

Nice Emily is back now.

Hannah Lynn Rogg - You keep me sane. I would die without you.

Allison Janae Walla - You put up with my gibes. And I love you for not hating me.

Moriah Christine Rueff - You're my twin. I was just checking the mail...get it? Checking the male?

Kylie Joy White - You keep me giggling. Our sense of humour is so very close.

McKenzi Elise Parker - You put up with me.TEEN AGE DREAM. PEACE. LOVE. <3

Esther Rachel Erin Niswonger - You treat me far greater than I deserve. You are my fourth sister.

Erin Christine Murray - You crack me up, and you get me. Never leave my side, dear.

Hannah Sakoulas Griffin - You are one of the best listeners and an even greater advice giver.

Jennifer Leigh McPike - You are so inspiring. Your beauty shines in and out.

Jessika Ruth McPike - You are a friend I can always count on to love me unconditionally.

Jordan Noelle McPike - You make me want to die...of laughter and jealousy. You are truly amazing.

Heather Marie Jackson - You are the one I can count on no matter where I am. I love you.

Nicole Elizabeth Taylor Casemier - You are the pea to my rebellious pod. I would die without having you.

Natalie Rain Pellow - You are the perfect piggy back ride. I love you, Natales Thunderstorm Mattress.

Amanda Marie Cacy - You are the most loving, funny, and gorgeous person I know. Don't ever change.

Emilie Elizabeth Irons - You are: hilarious, beautiful, brilliant. Even if you can't spell Emily. <3

Audra Grace Boyd - You are the most forgiving and trustworthy. I can never thank you enough for being there when I wasn't. I love you, Audge Podge.

Amelia Kathleen Freeman - You shine, darling. Don't ever forget that, please.

Karina Marie Dunn - Your beautiful and loving way never ceases to amaze me.

Courtney Jo Coda - Your humor and beauty makes me want to see you all the time. Alas, I cannot. Please make that change.

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