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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Epiphany in a Hot Tub at 7:15am

Don't judge my fragments, please.

So there I am. Swim cap, one piece, goggles and all. After swimming 800m(which isn't a lot, mind you), I am sitting in a hot tub, thinking about my simple life.

And because of my simple life, I am happy. I have a family who loves me, friends who care, an education, an art education, and a Savior that has and always will be there for me.

Then I look around at some other people in my life. These people do not have these things. Something got off track in their life. These people didn't deserve these misfortunes, but it happened to them anyway.
Some handle it. Some don't.

The ones who don't handle it have a permenate excuse to fall back on. Which lasts only as far as I can throw you. Soon, the sympathy for you leaves. And you're left a whining cry baby who craves the pity they no longer deserve.

Then, I see the people in my life who DO have the things I have. Family. Friends. Education. And they're not happy. They complain. They make problems for themselves. They act rashly, and have no trauma to blame it on.

So to these people who do not handle their situations: Get help. I'm here. God's here. You're not alone, dearest.

And to the people who have just about everything: Be grateful. What comes around goes around and your life could be a lot worse, dear.

Time to go practice my Shakespeare.

Oh...and Janae. I'll post this so you can find it. Heh. Love you.

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