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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love to talk about myself

Hey, Emily?
Yeah, theater friends?
We have blogs. You should get one.

That is the creationism of this blog.
"If you don't like, then shove it. But you don't like it you love it."
Rules of this blog^^ if you don't enjoy what I say...don't read it...silly.

Welp. I'm Emily. I'm a sophomore in highschool. Real exciting. I spend my time at CPA[school] or Trilogy [other] I got through terrible music choice phases. Like right now it's Eminem and Mindless Self Indulgence. Real classy.

I like to swim in the morning. Even though its cold, I suppose its good for me.

I like stale oreos. They taste good. Fur reals, yo.

I dislike winter.

But my birthday is in 11 days.

Yeay me. Pretty much...I have no idea what I'm doing with myself. Free floating till senoir year when loans are due...applications....Maybe I'll get a job at price chopper...
Maybe not.


Oh...I'm taking French might get some Englfrench posts with me trying to be all hipster and cool....maybe.

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